Emanuelle Jubinville

527, route de Grasse
06620 Le Bar-sur-Loup

Language Services

English to French terminology research:

  • for accurate and consistent terminology in a given field
  • to speed up the writing and the translation process
  • to make concepts related to your activities accessible to specific audiences

English to French translation that:

  • is faithful to the original message
  • is clear and well-written
  • uses appropriate terminology and phraseology
  • is adapted to your target audience

Editing of French documents in order to:

  • avoid semantic, linguistic or stylistic discrepancies between a text and its translation
  • correct grammatical mistakes and eliminate ambiguities
  • prepare them for printing or publishing

Depending on your needs, I can also:

  • write a text in French from a draft
  • review the quality of a document
  • provide consulting services related to your activities
  • adapt texts for French-speaking (Canadian or French) audiences